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Two Special Igbo Soups That Will Make HIM Want YOU More (Full Recipe Included)

1. Ofe Owerri

Ofe Owerri became well known due to an Igbo song that translates as "a person who is not wealthy does not long to eat Ofe Owerri", Funny Right?. This is due to the fact that several kind of meat and fishes are used in preparing a put of 'Ofe Owerri'. But you don't have to empty your bank account to prepare this very delicious soup native to the Imo people of Nigeria! Just purchase the required quantities of fish and meat that your pocket money can allow, simple?


Tools and utensils you’ll need

You will need a mortar and a pestle to pound the cocoyam. You can as well use a simple blender.

What to Note when preparing Ingredients for Ofe Owerri 

1. You will need a right amount of cocoyam paste to obtain a medium thickness for your soup.

2. Vegetables shouldn't be too much in the soup.

3. Habanero pepper should be used in your cooking, but Cayenne pepper can also be used.

4. Before preparing your Ofe Owerri

5. Boil the meat and fish you have purchased with Maggie cubes (seasoning) till done.

6. Continue cooking the cocoyam till it's soft, peel and pound it into a smooth paste the mortar. You can as well use your blender. 

7. Now pick your vegetables, rinse them very well and chop the ugu leaves in tiny pieces. Also chop the okazi leaves into thin slices.

8. Next, soak the dry fish in clean water, when soft, de-bone and break into the fishes into small pieces.

9. Now chop the habanero peppers.

Cooking Directions

Your Ofe Owerri is ready to be served with Eba, Pounded yam, Semovita and so on.

2. Ofe Ugba (Oil Bean Soup)

Ofe Ugba, native to the Eastern part of Nigeria (notably Imo and Abia state). It is simply Okra Soup prepared with shredded oil beans. It is also known as "Ofe Ukpaka or Shredded Oil Bean Soup".

Ingredients for Ofe Ugba

Note: To grind the crayfish and ogiri okpei, you may need "A Spice/Coffee grinder" you can purchase it on Jumia Online Store

Notes on the ingredients

1.Usually with Nigerian recipes, most especially Nigerian soup recipes, we do some freestyle when it comes to the particular quantity of ingredients used. The particular quantity of all the needed ingredients listed can be adjusted to your own taste. But make sure you let the 'ugba' shine through.

2. For this recipe I used only fish in preparing the soup, but feel free to add meat if you so wish. (Warming: Do not use chicken oh!)

3. Add some palm-oil to your liking.

4.For the leafy-vegetables, add the quantity you prefer. If you are in Nigeria, you can as well use aku ofe (garden eggs leaves), outside Nigeria, simply use leafy spinach.

5.Cayenne pepper (fresh or dry) can be used if you so wish.

6.Before you cook Ofe Ugba

Directions For Cooking Ofe Ugba

Your Ofe Ugba is now ready to be served with either Eba, Pounded yam, Semovita and etc.

i sincerely hope this article was helpful to someone out there. So, please let me know your thoughts on the post in the Comments Section 📝✍️. God Bless You!!

Content created and supplied by: The_Citizen (via Opera News )

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