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7 Best Traditional Yoruba Foods You Will Love

The Yoruba people are noted for many things, the majority of which are their natural foods. You cannot attend a Yoruba event without being charmed by their delectable cuisine.

What is it that they say about men's stomachs? They say that the path to a man's heart is through his stomach, and believe me when I say that eating any of these Yoruba delicacies would not disappoint you.

1. Ewedu.

This is one of Yoruba people's favorite dishes. This delicacy is required for a Yoruba ceremony to take place. It's absolutely delicious and appealing. It is made from a leaf with the botanical name Corchorus olitorius.

2. Gbegiri.

Another Yoruba ancestral cuisine that is well-known among them is Gbegiri. You will never want to eat another meal after this. It's quite tasty and appealing. If you don't see this during a Yoruba gathering, it isn't a Yoruba gathering.

3. Amala.

This is traditional Yoruba cuisine. It can be used in a variety of soups. They created this dish and are the best at preparing it. It's not only tasty, but it's also highly nutritious.

4. Asun.

This is primarily a dessert, and believe me when I say that you will never be satisfied after eating it. More would make you want and need it. Yorubas are the people that created it. It was also invented by them.

5. Ofada rice.

This isn't your typical rice dish. It's unique, and it's also really tasty. If you try it, you might not want to eat regular rice again.

6. Eforiro.

Another Yoruba delicacy. Very excellent and a traditional Yoruba delicacy, just like the aforementioned foods. In Yoruba nation, no ceremony is complete without the presence of this food. In Yoruba land, it is extremely important.

7. Ewa Agayin.

Anyone who has lived in Yoruba will tell you that no other tribe cooks food in the same way that they do. Beans are used to make it, then stew is sprinkled on top. It tastes wonderful with bread, especially when eaten with it.

So, which is your favorite meal? Which one do you want to try first? Please make your decision in the comment box. You may also contribute by like and sharing this post. Thank you for following me for more interesting content.

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