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My hatred for allium plants

Growing up I hated foods cooked with onion or garlic. At first my parent thought I am selective about the food I eat, well they were half correct but that was not the case. I find onion and garlic repulsive and can’t stand the taste or smell of them. Till today I can’t explain why but when I eat onion or garlic I feel like vomiting. This made it difficult for me to eat in public functions or at restaurants.

While I was going through this, my family or my friends don’t understand this they argue that there is no way anybody can cook without adding onion or garlic. The most confusing part is that I find it difficult to explain to them why I don’t eat onion and this made me look like weirdo. There is one time a neighbor offered me a plate of rice and stew, I took about twelve spoons before I realize that the stew is riddled with onions. Because I can’t give the food back not after half eating the food, so I decided to secretly dispose of the food. The neighbor discovered what I did and out of anger vowed never to offer me food again even after I tried to explain my situation.

The worst part of my life was when I was in secondary school, every meal we ate bank then in school was cooked with onions so I have to avoid them, this mad my life miserable. Sometimes I have to starve or depend on only garri or biscuit for a whole week. After visiting days which once a month I usually have money so I buy stuff like buns or cake from outside the school premises just to make sure I don’t starve.  

Well this is the situation I found myself in and ever since I tried to avoid eating any food cooked with onions or garlic.

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