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How to Prepare Rich Fish Meal in 30mins.

Hello every one how are we all doing??? Great I guess, today we shall be talking about how to prepare rich fish palette meal up to about 80% protein.

Before we proceed, lets quickly take a look ingredients;

Floor 10kg, Fishmeal 10kg, Plantain powder 10kg, soya beans powder 10kg and red oil 5litrs, Hot water

Haven gathered up all the ingredients we proceed to the steps to the steps of steps to take.

Step 1. pour all floors together in a big bowl and mix everything together.

Step 2. After mixing everything together you then add hot water to it,

The hot water should be added cordially so that it will be thick not watery.

Step 3. After mixing it with hot water you then add the 5litrs of red oil and then bigine to mix till it mixed together.

Haven done all these, you then bigine to pallets them into sizes and then put it inside the sun allow to dry for a short time and then you begin to pallets them in to various sizes of your choice.

With these way you have successfully produce your 80% rich in protein feeds for your catfish.

Please note that protein is very essential for your fish. They depend it to grow, and don't also forget to always change your earth pond every 3 days in order to avoid pollution. Pollution can kill fish and can also prevent them from growing to your desire taste.

Thank you for taking your time to read my write up. Please share and comment or should you need a complete guild on how to hatch catfish successfully and how to grow them faster and disease prevention, you can reach me on [email protected] thanks in anticipation.

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