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Do You Still Consume Sea Food? This Is Why You Ought To Be Very Careful.

Many people Consume variety of sea or marine food on regular basis. Some are either uncooked or under cooked. It is very dangerous to consume a not properly cooked food especially animals because many of them are infested with different parasites.

A Japanese woman visited woman visited the hospital after she discovered she had an irritated throat and the doctors indicated that a worm was inhabiting in her tonsils.

The 25 year old woman underwent a physical examination at Tokyo's St Luke's international hospital after she suffered a persistent five days sore throat and pain which was as a result of consuming assorted sashimi dishes. The medical practitioners discovered that a worm of about 1.5 inches long was moving in the woman's left tonsils which they removed with the aid of tweezers.

DNA testing on the worm identified it as a fourth-stage larva of "Pseudoterranova azaras," a parasitic roundworm, the study, published in July, revealed.

The parasite finds its way into the stomach after the host must have consumed uncooked or undercooked marine fish. It was discovered that there were more than 700 cases in Japan, South America, Netherlands and North Pacific countries.

The consumption of uncooked or undercooked marine dish results to the worm infestation of the body which causes an illness called Anisakiasis. Most cases that have been recorded were as a result of consuming sushi dishes.

Sea foods ranging from fishes, lobsters, oysters, periwinkles, etc are very good for consumption but it is very pertinent to cook them properly to avoid causing ourselves more harm than good.

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