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How To Prepare Ofe Owerri Soup

Ofe Owerri soup is a traditional soup mostly cooked by the igbo's

Even from the name of Owerri you will know.

In this writeup,I will be showing and teaching you how to prepare off Owerri soup.


1) palm oil

2)dried pepper



5)uziza leave or ugu

6) meat

7)cocoyam paste

8)stockfish and smoked fish

9) Maggi

10) salt.

Make sure you get all this ingredient first before arranging your kitchen to cook .


1)wash your meat, fish ,snail and smoked fish

2)put all of them in a clean pot and steam

3)add 3 cups of water set on a medium heat

4)add Maggi ,salt pepper and cray fish simmer for 15min

5)add in the pouring ded cocoyam paste cook for 15min

6)add in Achi and uziza leave simmer for 5min

7)add in the palm oil

8)taste and adjust seasoning

9) simmer for another 5min.

10) serve in a plate

Your soup is ready

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Ofe Owerri Owerri igbo


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