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Check out this delicious Banga stew recipe

Ofe akwu is one of the igbo people of eastern Nigeria's most popular soups, known as Banga soup or stew, very rich soup made with palm nuts extract/juice it is mostly served with rice, let's get started.



Dried fish


Scent leaf

Yellow pepper




Palm nuts


1. Wash and cook the palmnut till it is soft

2. Cook the meat with crayfish, pepper, Maggi, salt then get a mortal and pestle and pound the nuts to bring out the oil

3. Add water to remove the oil extact, get a seive and drain the oil

4. Now put the oil on fire and cook till you see the oil at the top

5. Wash the dried fish with salt and hot water then rinse with warm water and set aside

6. Add the meat and water if the oil is too thick

7. Add crayfish, pepper and okpei then cook for 15 minutes then add the sliced scent leaves or ugwu and cook for 20secs.

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Banga Ofe akwu igbo


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