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Man Shares Strange Food Combinations, Mixing Beverages And Rice To Prepare Breakfast, People React

There are different kinds of food cravings people have and wish for and they do not get settled until they achieve their satisfactions. Have you ever thought about using beverages to make foods such as rice?

Well, this is not impossible or new anymore as a man named Nonso on Twitter has tried it already and the reactions from people on Twitter after he shared pictures have been wild.

Nonso who earlier had cravings of mixing beverages with noodles ended up making it with eggs as he combines; chocolate, milk, eggs, rice, crayfish, vegetables, goat meat and stew together to make breakfast.

I do not know what this should be called but i do know it is quite hilarious to start with. A lot of people have reacted to this on Twitter and they are finding it outrageous. It is difficult to find a name to qualify this kind of meal except STRANGE.

However, here are some of the reactions made by Nigerians on Twitter to Nonso and the strange meal:


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