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You Can Also Prepare Your Egusi Soup By Following These Processes

You Can Also Prepare Your Egusi Soup Through These Processes

Egusi soup or melon soup is one of the easily prepared dish in Nigeria. One thing about egusi soup is that no matter the process you use to prepare it, you will definitely arrive at your destination. 

However, cooking most times is all about experiment. Adding this and that to arrive at what you want. Some cook egusi soup by frying and others by pouring the ground egusi into the boiling ingredients and stir.

However, this method and its processes would give you an interesting taste. At the end, you would be glad you cook it. 


1. Egusi (two cups)

2. Smoked fish

3. Meat

4. Uziza

5. Uha

6. Assorted fish

7. Maggi

8. Ground pepper

9. Palm oil ( a milk sized cup)

10. Onions


1. Boil the meat, stock fish, smoked fish, etc with sliced onions, maggi and salt. Boil till everything softens.

2. Make sure there is a little water. Add the palm oil and stir very well. Allow it to boil for 5 minutes.

3. Add the ground egusi and stir everything together to a paste.

4. Add little water depending on how you want it to be - thick or watery.

5. Add maggi (as you wish) and pepper and stir properly.

6. After 10 minutes, add your sliced uziza and uha leaves. 

7. After 2 minutes bring the delicious pot of soup down.


Content created and supplied by: TheChefKing (via Opera News )

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