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Recipe to help you prepare the Oha soup if you are not Igbo

Oha soup is one of the numerous dish that originated from south eastern Nigeria, it is usually very spicy and can be eaten with eba or fufu.

To make this soup, the ingredients you require are listed below:

Oha leaves


Oziza leaves


Palm kernel nuts ( you can also use just palm oil if raw palm kernel is hard to get)

Cow skin/pomo




Locust bean


Smoked and stock fish


Directions to cook

Boil the palm kernel for a while

Boil the cocoyam till it gets softened

Extract the palm oil after separating the nut

Add the oil to a pot and heat

Add some sliced onions

Peel the cocoyam and mash it

Add the pepper

Add the crayfish, snail, locust beans, stockfish, periwinkle, cow skin and all the seasoning.

Cook for 15 minutes

Add the mashed cocoyam to the soup and stir, allowing it to melt

If it gets too thick, add some water

Add the Oha leaves, by using your hand to tear it into pieces in the soup

Add the Oziza leaf, and cook for about 10 minutes while stiring continuously

When your soup is done, use to serve any swallow of your choice.

Content created and supplied by: Okchops (via Opera News )

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