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Lovely Cake Designs For Any Occasion

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Cake is a form of sweet food made from flour, butter, sugar and egg.According to the food historians, the ancient Egyptians were the first culture to show evidence of advanced baking skills.

The most commonly used ingredients are flour, butter, sugar, baking powder, and eggs. Additional ingredients are dried fruit, cocoa, vanilla extract and food coloring. Cake is often served at ceremonial occasions,such as birthdays,weddings,anniversaries, and christening. There are countless cake recipes; some are elaborate and some are old. Cakes are made depending on the occasion. It might be birthday, wedding, Christmas, or for holy communion.

Flour is the main ingredient in making cakes. We have different types of cake.

Adelaide cake

Marzipan cake

Chocolate cake

Red velvet cake

Chestnut cake

Cassava cake

Christmas cake


Erotic cake and many more.

Below are pictures of cakes you would fall in love with

Valentine's Day cakeWedding cakeBirthday cake for twins

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Egyptians Lovely Cake


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