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Night Food Should Not Always Be Eba And Soup, Check Out 5 Healthy Alternatives To Try

If you've heard the saying that "variety is the spice of life" then you need not be informed that this applies to all aspects of life, health and food inclusive, when talking about variety being the spice of life it can be related to fashion, people, nature and other beautiful things of life, well, food isn't left out of this tally, the more food options you have (in terms of variety), the better for you, provided they are healthy foods.

Dwelling on foods, more specifically on the foods we eat at night (dinner), I have good news for you, you may already know it but there's someone out there who needs to know too. There are so many foods that can be eaten as night foods or late-night snacks, and this article showcases 6 of them, alongside making a statement that our night foods should not be restricted to just eba and soup, the habit of eating a particular food at night is practiced, and this should not be the case, there are so many nutritious foods that we can key into to improve our dinner quality rather than sticking to eba and soup.

Photo Credit: All Nigerian Foods

Well, eba and soup is well eaten in Nigeria and various Nigerian cultures have different soups which they identify with, we have a wide range of soups in Nigeria, some of which include

√ Egusi soup

√ Banga soup

√ Ofe Nsala

√ Ewedu soup

√ Black soup

√ Groundnut soup

√ Ogbono soup

√ Vegetable soup and more.

Photo Credit: Hutwise

These soups are nutritious but why is eba always attached to them in a food combination that is mostly eaten at night? I can't give a general answer for that but I feel it's because of the ease of making eba and simply warming your soup if you already cooked it beforehand.

Having made clear the argument that eba and soup should not be monopolized for dinner, I have some healthy foods suggestions to be eaten at night, there just 6 of them and they can be considered as healthy alternatives for night food to avoid always eating eba and soup.

1. Rice.

Photo Credit: YouTube

The rice in this case is white rice, it can be eaten with stew as it is popularly done in this part of the world, well, rice is a healthy night food because of its rich nutritional quality, but that's not the best part, white rice has a high GI (glycemic index) this may help one sleep better at night.

2. Fatty Fish.

Photo Credit: The Conversation

Fatty fish include tuna, salmon, mackerel, etc., these fishes are good for human consumption at night before going to bed, they have good omega-3 content as well as vitamin D, both nutrients are the main players in fatty fishes role as night foods, both omega-3 and vitamin D are said to have properties that may allow for better sleep at night (according to Healthline).

3. Eggs.

Photo Credit: Dinner-Mom

Egg is a popular dairy food and according to Healthline, it can be eaten as a late-night snack either on its own or used to prepare other foods, hard-boiled eggs can be eaten at night as it is not a bad idea. Egg is a good protein source and it helps satisfy hunger.

4. Almond.

Photo Credit: The Daily Meal

Another good fruit to eat at night is almond, you should give it a try tonight, almond contains magnesium and melatonin, both of which can help for better sleep.

5. Turkey.

Photo Credit: Simply Recipes

The nutrients in turkey, tryptophan, and protein help make it a good food to consume at night, the reason being that they may help induce tiredness thus making us fall asleep easier

6. Kiwi.

Photo Credit: Harvard Health

Kiwi is a nutritious fruit that may help us sleep better due to its serotonin content, it is a low-calorie fruit and it may improve our sleep when we eat them at night, it is healthy and won't leave you overfed except you have too much of it.

Looking closely at many of the foods mentioned above, they have nutrients that promote better sleep in humans, if your food disturbs your sleep then it can't be good for consumption at night, that's one reason why most of the above-listed foods help with better sleep. These are healthy alternatives for eba and soup which might disrupt your sleep, who knows?

Sources: Healthline

Content created and supplied by: D-nutrient (via Opera News )



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