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Nigerian Mouth Watering Catfish Pepper Soup Recipe

Catfish pepper soup is popularly known as "point and kill" in Nigeria, is another variation of Nigerian pepper soup. It is a very spicy and delicious soup or broth cooked with cleaned catfish and always good for cold weather. You can enjoy this soup with potato, white yam, white rice or plantain.

Ingredients for Catfish Pepper Soup

500g Cat Fish

4 Ehu or Ariwo or Calabash Nutmeg seeds

Habanero Pepper or chilli pepper (to taste)

Grinded crayfish

A few scent leaves

2 medium onions

Salt (to taste)

2 big stock cubes

Red oil(optional)

Arrangement of catfish pepper soup: 

1. Before you begin cooking, wash and cut the feline fish into 1 - inch thick cuts. Heat up some high temp water and pour on the bits of fish, mix and eliminate right away. (This will assist with hardening the skin of the fish, so it doesn't self-destruct when cooking it. 

2. Broil, strip off the film from all the Ehu seeds and crush the ehu seeds with a dry factory. (You can broil it with an old griddle prior to crushing them). This will assist with improving the flavor when it is cooked well. 

3. Cut the onions into minuscule pieces and crush the crawfish and pepper. (You can mix the onions in the event that you don't need bits of onions in your soup). 

Wash, pick and cut the fragrance leaves into little pieces. 

4. Spot the bits of fish in a pot and pour water to simply cover the fish, add the stock blocks and permit bubbling. 

5. When it begins to bubble add the pounded crawfish, the ground ehu, onions, habanero pepper and fragrance leaves and keep cooking for 7 minutes. 

6. At the point when the catfish is done, add salt to taste and leave to stew for around 3 minutes and put off the warmth. 

7. Serve the Catfish Pepper Soup hot with white sweet potato, white rice or agidi. (Pepper Soup are constantly served hot). It very well may be likewise eaten alone with a chilled drink by the side. 

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