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Nigerian Husbands Should Learn To Cook For Their Wives.

In the past the duty of cooking for the household solely rested on the shoulders of the woman.

But recently there has been a lot of debates consigning the fact that if the wife should be the only person mandated to cook in the home or the husband too should be doing some cooking. Traditionally, women are known to man the kitchen, but that doesn't mean it is their sole duty to cook.

Below I would be giving some reasons why I believe the man should also cook in the home.

The foods would have different varieties of taste.

If it is only the wife that cooks the food, the meal in the house would only be having one type of taste. A simple stew when cooked with the same ingredients by different people will come out having different taste. Two heads are better than one, It is good when the man and the woman knows how to cook in the house so that the food would not be a boring affair during meal time. It is a good thing when there is a woman in the house who knows a lot about cooking, and even better when there is a man who knows a thing or two about food as well.

It is Romantic

Women prefer men that can cook to men that cannot cook, so as a man you have some cool points ahead of the man who doesn't know his way around the kitchen. So as a man having that ability would always show you in perfect light and make you stand out from other men before them. Women find it attractive and more often drool over men who are doing their thing in the kitchen.

There will be no need for a house help

a cooking husband as in some way reduced the expense of having a maid in the house. In a busy home where both the woman and the man both have demanding jobs, the amount of workload the woman have is usually too much, especially when cooking is added to the mix. That is why some couples tend to hire housemaids to soften the burden. In a situation where a man cannot cook, a maid would be required, that in its own is an extra expense. But in a situation where the man can cook, the woman can take care of other responsibilities, in many cases there will be no need for a house help.

The man would be more independent.

In a situation where the woman is not available, what then happens to an hungry man. If the husband cannot cook, but instead sit back and eat the food prepared by the woman, such a man is not independent and cannot stand by himself when the time comes. This is a great disadvantage and the effect would be more pronounced when the couple have little kids.

In summary I want to advice the husbands and men of the house, in a world where most men can't cook, the ones who are bold enough to accept the challenge are respected by women.

what do you think of these Reasons why men should learn to cook for their wives? Follow like and comment for more.

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