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This green vegetable garnish will leave your food looking beautiful and tasting much better

Green vegetables garnish is a delicious way to spice up the taste and look of your food. It is decorative and also very healthy. It can be placed at the side of almost every meal. Instead of serving your food plain, you can decorate it with this green vegetable garnish.

In this article, I will be sharing with you a simple and easy to understand and follow recipe on how to prepare tasty green vegetables garnish for the meals you prepare for your kids, or for your family and friends.

The ingredients used in this recipe are not standard. You can customize them to suite your preference and available ingredients.

Without further ado let's get into how to prepare this delicious and healthy green vegetables garnish.


1. Red onions.

2. Tatashe or Sweet pepper (fresh paprika).

3. Black pepper.

4. Vegetable Oil/ virgin olive oil.

5. Salt.

6. Mushrooms (optional).

7. Ugu or spinach vegetable.


1. Wash all your ingredients. Then slice the onions (and the mushrooms) vertically. Dice the tatashe but do not slice the vegetables.

2. Heat up the frying pan, then add the oil and leave it to heat up.

3. Now, saute (fry lightly) the onions and the tatashe in the oil for 3 minutes. If you're using mushrooms then saute them first for 2 minutes before sauting the onions and tatashe.

4. Season with salt and black pepper to taste.

5. Now, place the uncut vegetables on the pan and leave it to wilt. Once the vegetables have wilted, remove it from the fire and serve as a side garnish to the following meals.

Meals that you can garnish include;

1. White rice and stew.

2. Boiled or fried potatoes.

3. Boiled or fried plantain.

4. Boiled or fried yam.

5. Moi-Moi.

6. Jollof rice.

7. Fried eggs etc.

Thank you so much for reading. Give me a follow for more. Like and share if you found this useful.

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Stay safe and always eat healthy.

Content created and supplied by: Mimifood (via Opera News )

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