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How I Make My Delicious Fried Rice At Home With Very Cheap Ingredients

I always like trying new things and one of those includes learning delicious food recipe, at very affordable prices.

Fried rice or vegetable fried rice is a very nutritive meal, that can be enjoyed by every member of the family.

It contains carbohydrates from the rice, vitamins and minerals from the vegetables, protein from the meat, fats and oil and even water. It provides a balance diet for the family.

It is also a very colourful and attractive meal that usually encourages one's appetite towards eating it. This is good for children also as they like colourful foods.

And more interesting is that is very easy to make, with just a few quick process you can boast of having prepared a pot of delicious Fried rice.

So let me take you through how I make my fried rice at home with very cheap ingredients.

First, the Ingredients

- Rice

- Green peas

- Carrot

- Liver

- Cabbage

- Curry

- Salt

- Vegetable Oil

- Maggi

- White pepper

All of these ingredients have very unique importance that gives a delicious meal.

You can choose the quantity of ingredients you want according to the quantity of food you wish to prepare. The more vegetables, the more nutritious the meal is.

Now to the procedure.

- First,wash and slice all the vegetable Ingredients, that is your carrots, cabbage, green peas.

- Then Neat a little oil in a pan on fire.

- Then fry the ingredients in the oil for about 5 to 10 mins.

- par boil your rice and drain the water.

- Then add the half cooked rice into the fried ingredients and mix together.

- Then add your salt to taste, white pepper.

- Add the liver that have been already cooked and sliced in moderate sizes.

- Also add your curry to the mixture and mix well.

- Allow to cook for about 20 to 30 minutes.

- When cooked, serve hot.

And that is it. Simple and delicious.

You can serve your fried rice with meat or chicken, whichever one you prefer.

Always endeavour to serve your meal hot as this brings out the full flavour and make the meal more enjoyable.

It is usually best to make enough portion of food for one serving and prevent making too much that there would even be leftover.

Re heating fried rice is not always advisable as much of the nutrients from the vegetables would be lost and it would not taste quite the same as it did before.

So enjoy your fried rice hot and fresh.

Thanks for reading.

Please leave your comments below. Comment your questions or suggestions or any other recipe you would want me to show you.

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