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Stay Healthy With 3 Nutritious And Delicious Snacks In Nigeria

The consumption of snacks such as gala, biscuits, pasteries, etc is relatively high in Nigeria, following how it rescues one from hunger, before the proper meal.

On this note, we have gathered below some delicious snacks, that serves beyond quenching hunger, due to it's nutrient contents and benefits in the humanbody.

1. Nuts

Nuts such as cashew nuts, tiger nuts, walnuts and ground nuts are rich in magnesium, calcium, fibre, which is good for the heart and the overall function of the bones, muscles and nerve.

Image source: Scientific research

2. Kulikuli

This delicious and crunchy snacks is made from roasted peanuts, which is ground into paste then mixed with salt, spices and then fried in peanut oil. It contains protein, fibre and minerals which aids to repair worn out tissues, prevents constipation and more.

Image source: Dee's meals

3. Chips

Chips are made from either fried potatoes and unripe or ripe plaintains. They are usually crunchy, tasty and mostly eaten with drinks anywhere. These foods contain vitamins and carbohydrates, that fuels your brain, muscles, tissues and good for immune system.

Image source: Serious Eats

Note; unripe plaintains hardly absorbs oil.

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