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Keep your Weight in Check with These 4 Delicious Nigerian Delicacies

it is common in Nigeria for oversized men or women to look for artificial drugs to keep their weight in check, not knowing that some of our delicacies can help keep a person's weight in check without drugs. These major Nigerian delicacies that help keep the weight in check are

1. Goat meat pepper soup and Agidi

This is quite a delicious Nigerian delicacy and the sweet part about it, is that it helps in reducing the weight. according to research, it is more advisable to use goat meat to prepare your pepper soup than cow meat, this is because it is more healthy than cow meat. As we all know pepper soup contains fat burning contents in it. Agidi is made from whole grains that means it is totally safe.

2. Basmati Rice and Chicken sauce

Basmati rice is a type of long grain rice that has various health benefits. it also has low starch content. Basmati rice and chicken sauce is a perfect match because Chicken sauce is prepared with vegetables which is very ok for the body.

3. Chicken pepper soup with unripe plantain

Turkey and Yam Pepper soup Recipe - Video - Sisi Jemimah

when preparing this dish, you can either use chicken or any other meat, but not cow meat in preparing the pepper soup and as we all know, plantains has no weight adding attribute to its number of benefits

4. Fried basmati rice and chicken or fish

Because of the numerous health benefits of Basmati rice, it is best preferred if you want to lose weight. Fried rice helps in reducing weight because of the vegetables and other important ingredients used in preparing it. chicken or fish is the perfect mixture to this, because they break down into healthy components while cow meat breaks down in fat.

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