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How to prepare the margi special soup

Margi special

Margi special is a Nigerian delicacy indigenous to the margi people of Adamawa state and other parts of the Northeastern region of Nigeria.

It is mainly made with fresh fish, spinach, tomatoes and pepper. Sometimes it gets garnished with scented garlic as well as other nutritious seasoning items, according to the specific variety of the Margi special recipe. It can be served alone or with pounded yam, tuwon shinkafa ,Semo or Eba, depending on a person’s choice.

Aside being a delicious and tasty meal, the importance of eating Margi special cannot be underemphasized, as it benefits the body a lot . It is a very nutritious meal since it is made typically of fish , as fish plays an important role in fighting malnutrition, and boosting the immune system, most importantly aside from being a source of protein and healthy fats, fish has a unique source of essential nutrients which varies from chains of omega-3 fatty acids, iodine, vitamin D and Calcium.

Also, the vegetable content of Margi special can lower blood pressure, reduce the risk of heart diseases ,stroke and prevent some type of cancer in the human body. Vegetable can also lower the risk of eye and digestive problems.


·      Tomatoes

·      Vegetables (spinach,yakuwa)

·      2 medium fresh fish

·      Pepper

·      Tattase(fresh pepper)

·      Onions

·      2 spiral onions

·      1 pinch Toka (potash)

·      Seasoning cubes

·      Salt to taste

·      2 tablespoon crayfish

·      Curry/thyme

·      200ml palm oil or groundnut oil

·      Garlic (optional)

·      Water


It is advisable to have all the cooking ingredients readily available,well washed, grinded and chopped before you begin cooking.

1.     Wash your fish very well using Toka (potash) and lime warm water, cut it in big size pieces rinse well wit cold water and drain out all the water by putting it in a colander.

2.     Wash and grind tattase/pepper, wash and chop your tomatoes, slice your onions and spiral onions. Then set them aside separately

3.     If using yakuwa, soak in hot water, inorder to get rid of the leafs sourness

4.     It is advisable not to turn the soup while cooking, so as to avoid breaking the fish into pieces.

5.     Get a spacious clean pot , turn your fish inside, add pepper, tomatoes paste, onions,cray fish, chopped yakuwa/spinach, Maggi, oil and salt . Spread everything in layers evenly.

6.     Add moderate water enough to cook the fish , don’tadd too much water because water is not in the soup after it’s done. Close and allow it to cook on low heat till the water thickened or dry up.

7.     Serve hot with any swallow of your choice.

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Eba Margi Nigerian Semo


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