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Soak Your Hair In Noodle Water For 10 Minutes Overnight, Then See What Happens Thereafter

Noodles are a sort of food made from unleavened dough that's rolled flat and cut, stretched or extruded, into long strips or strings. Noodles may be refrigerated for short-time period garage or dried and stored for destiny use. Noodles are commonly cooked in boiling water, from time to time with cooking oil or salt added

Noodle water can be gotten from the left over after cooking or washing your noodles.

However this article talks about the benefit of using noodles water on your hair.

Procedure for getting noodles water

You can get this water in 2 ways, either by boiling it or by washing it.

How to use Noodles water on your hair

Soak your hair in noodles water for 10 minutes, overnight then use your shampoo and see what happens after 1 week of doing this.

Benefit of using it on your hair

. It helps removes scalp from the hair

. it makes the smooth and shinny

. it gives the hair texture

. It promotes hair growth

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