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How to last for 2 hours in Bed; 12 Fruits/Vegetables that can help you.

We will be taking a look at 12 nutritious fruits, vegetables that you need to include your diet at a regular interval. These common fruits/vegetables contain certain vitamins that enhance performance. They are readily available, affordable and does not have any side effects.

1. Spinach

It is called Amonututu by Yorubas. Its colour may vary depending on the variery. Consuming spinach is good for your body. Spinach is rich in folate and magnesium, they will help decreases inflammation in blood vessels and increase blood flow, these can increase arousal and make things more pleasurable. 

2. Bananas

Bananas is rich in potassium, potassium is good for your heart and circulation. Potassium in sufficient quantity in the body help to control the sodium level in the body

3. Tomatoes

Taking tomatoes is good for men.

4. Hot Sauce/Chili Peppers

Pepper is a spice that contain capsaicin which help in the production of endorphins (it stimulates desire), and increases circulation 

5. Watermelon

Watermelon in readily available in the fruit market. L-citrulline (amino acid) is in abundant quantity in watermelon. L-citrulline will be converted to L-arginine which increases blood flow.

6. Ginger

Consumption of ginger (at least on teaspoon in a week), will improve the condition of arteries in the body and aid blood circulation.

7. Ugwu seed (fluted Pumpkin Seed)

Ugwu seed is rich zinc and magnesium. Ugwu also contain a fatty acid that boost the production of prostaglandins.

8. Nuts

There is abundant supply of zinc and magnesium in nuts.Magnesium on the other hand boost sperm viability. 

9. Potatoes

Potatoes are a good source of potassium. Potassium increases blood circulation.

10. Walnuts

Walnuts contain amino acid, which will help the guy.

11. Cherries

Anthocyanins is present in cherries, it cleanses the arteries of plaque this means the arteries will function perfectly.

12. Peanuts

Just like walnuts, peanuts contains amino acid, it does not only make junior hard alone but also reduces the cholesterol level in the body system.

Content created and supplied by: Estateman (via Opera News )

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