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How to Cook your Egusi Soup (Caking method)

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Steps on how to Begin

Ingredients to make your Egusi soap (Caking method)

3 cups of Egusi (melon) seeds, a dry fish or Stock fish, Beef (Shaki), Pepper, Salt, Spinach or Bitter leaves, Seasoning cubes, Locust bean, Red palm oil, Cray fish.

Cooking equipments include cooking spoons and also a grinder.

The method is known as Caking method, in this method the egusi is caked and there is no frying involved and it uses less oil in the preparation.

Let’s get started.

Get a grinder to grind the egusi melon, then after that boil water and after it has boil soak the dry fish or the stockfish in the hot water for about 20mins so as to remove the fish dirt’s.

After 20mins of soaking the fish, rinse it and break the fish into different sizes or chunks. Then grind your pepper and Cray fish with a grinder separately in different grinders and keep it. Immediately after that you cut your fresh vegetable (bitter leaves or spinach leaves) into tiny pieces and it thoroughly.

Rinse your beef, turn on your gas an put your pot on fire with little water and then add your rinsed beef and dry fish or Stock fish into the pot then add seasoning cubes.

Wait till the beef and fish is well done, immediately add your Cray fish and your grinded pepper and stir together with a cooking spoon and then wait till done.

Extract the beef , dry fish and stock fish from the mixture and put it in a plate, the water used to boil the beef and fish add your grinded egusi to the mixture and add a little water , cover the pot and wait till the egusi cakes together stir and add little water to prevent the egusi from burning. When it is too thick add a little water after some minutes about 20- 25 minutes you would notice a little change, the egusi oil will be on the surface of the soup then Immediately add red palm oil, your bitter leaves, little pepper and salt to give it sweet aroma.

Wait for about 6 minutes, by then the egusi and palm oil forms a blend of yellow colour(light) after the egusi has form you can then add back your beef and fish to the soup and stir it.

If your vegetable is a pumpkin leaves you will add it at this time, taste it, a little salt then cover the pot for about 3 minutes, stir it and check if it fully done you can then off the gas.

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