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Have you ever seen the blue Java banana?

Everything about the blue Java banana seems like a lie but they do actual exist. The blue Java banana cane be found majorly in tropical climates. Although, they are also tolerant to cold, which means they can grow in temperate regions also as long as they get a decent amount of sunlight. You can find them growing in places like Hawaii, Southeast Asia and some parts of Central America.  

They are known as ice cream bananas due to their creamy texture and flavour that is oddly similar to vanilla.

They started from bluish-greenish or or even green in some cases, then after maturity they start to turn blue.

The blue Java bananas are creamier and fluffier than normal yellow bananas.

Compare the Blue Java banana to the typical bananas, you will see how the distinct their colours are.

Like I said before that everything about the blue Java banana looks fake but it is not. The colour looks magical like something from a whimsical movie like Alice in wonderland or Bettle Juice.

I am pretty sure Papa Smurf will exclaimed "Smurfstastic"! Whenever he lays his eyes on the blue Java banana.

Content created and supplied by: Jonstaj (via Opera News )

Alice Blue Java Central America. Papa Smurf Southeast Asia


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