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4 Types of Bananas You Didn't Know Exist: Here is All You Need to Know About Them

Bananas are berries and are usually differentiated into the desert bananas and the cooking bananas (that is, plantains). I'm sure you eat bananas, lots of them even. Who knows, maybe it's your favourite fruit. And I'm also sure the bananas you're familiar with are the Cavendish bananas. However, there are several other types of bananas and we will be looking at four of them.

1. Red Bananas:

This type of bananas are usually very soft and sweet. Their skin is reddish-purple and the colour of their flesh turns light pink when they are rule.

Red Bananas can be eaten raw or used in fruit salads and desserts.

2. Blue Bananas:

They can also be referred to as the Blue Java. They have a flavour which scents like vanilla and are known to be able to withstand unfavourable conditions.

Blue Bananas can be eaten fresh or cooked. They can also be used as ornamentals.

3. Rhino Horn Bananas:

The Rhino Horn Bananas are also referred to as African Rhino Horn because they originate from Africa. In most cases, they are very long and sometimes their length can stretch up to 2 feet.

The Rhino Horn Bananas can be eaten as fresh fruits and can also be used as ornamentals.

4. Dwarf Cavendish Bananas:

They are quite like the Cavendish Bananas but one thing that makes them stand out is their short pseudostem, which gave rise to their name "Dwarf" Cavendish Bananas. They do have purple blotches on their skin in the early stages but as they mature, these purple botches vanish and can no longer be seen again.

The Dwarf Cavendish Bananas can be eaten fresh and they can also be used for commercial purpose.

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