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Dried Nigerian Vegetables and Spices a Good Woman should have in her Kitchen

Dried Nigerian Vegetables and Spices a Good Woman should have in her Kitchen.

It is a known fact that dried Foods especially Vegetables and Spices play a very important role in every Kitchen. 

Most vegetables are seasonal produce therefore to have it all year round these vegetables are dried and preserved. 

Different varieties of dried vegetables are sold in the Market. 

Once you buy the dried vegetables all you have to do is to soak or put them in warm water and rinse with salt and the leaf is rejuvenated.

It becomes fresh again. 

Spices aren't an exception. 

Having Spices like Pepper and Ginger is very helpful and useful in a typical Nigerian kitchen.

The following are Dried Vegetables and Spices a good Nigerian Woman should have in her Kitchen 

1) Ugu Leaf 

2) Scent Leaf

3) Bitter Leaf

4) Ginger 

5) Pepper 

6) Locust Bean 

7) Curry 

8) Thyme

9) Garlic 

10) Salt

11) Dry Tomatoes 

12) Cray Fish 

13) Dry Okro 

14) Potash or aKaun

The list goes on. 

With this ingredients be sure to have a great Meal always. 

Even if the ingredients aren't complete to cook the food available, your food will still be tasty and appetizing. 

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