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How To Make COCONUT MILK at Home With Only 2 Ingredients!

Shortly, I’ll be showing you how to make a creamy homemade coconut milk all by Yourself.

Coconut is such an amazing ingredient.

It can be turned into flour, milk, oil, butter and cream, or you can enjoy it raw.

The milk is the white juice extract from fresh coconut.

It’s like fresh coconut in the creamy liquid form.

Coconut milk has a lot of benefits. It’s great for cooking; as an ingredient in Curries, Smoothies, Deserts, Rice Recipes and also used for beauty product. 

It is available in cans, in supermarkets all over the world.

The canned milk is good but as we know, most canned food contain Bisphenol A and this compound has been linked to cancer and other health related disease.

Straight coconut milk is so hard to find. They claim it's fresh, but when you check their ingredient list, you'll find a lot of chemical compound.

But why even waste money to buy that, when you can easily make your own from the scratch with only two major ingredients?

No preservatives or addictive!



The taste of fresh coconut milk is so clean, so refreshing and so fragrant!

The milk is packed filled with super flavours that can be used to enhance anything or to just to sip on its own.

For instance, when it's added to smoothie, its to either thicken or to make it rich with the fresh taste of coconut.

Now that we are already feeling inspired,

Let’s make Coconut Milk!

There are two ways of making this and I’ll show you both methods.

One with a blender, the other without for those that don’t have.

Keep reading!

I need you to also understand that the two methods can also produce either a thick or thin result.

What you need:


2.Hard object for breaking the coconut. You can use an hammer or traditionally just hit it on the That was what I did.

3.A knife

4.A sieve/strainer(with tiny holes) or muslin clothes/Cheese cloth. Yes! Those one they use to sieve pap or just get any white chiffon material. 

5.A Blender or grater





Get a fresh matured coconut and crack it open

Place a cup to extract the coconut water first and Drink it! it’s very refreshing.

My dad loves the water so much. He would break several coconuts without using it, just so to collect the water and sip it.

Pry the coconut meat from the shell and put in a bowl of clean water.

Wash the coconut meat, cut into several pieces and pour into a blender.



Add some water and blend till it’s smooth.

This is for the first method.

so, for the second method,

Instead of cutting into several pieces to use for the blender, use a grater instead to grate into smaller particles.

Pour some warm water over it and mix well.

Now, leave it settle for a couple of minutes.

Note that the more water you use, the more coconut milk you get.

After the blending and soaking, take your sieve or cheese cloth and pour the mixture inside it.

Press and Squeeze your hand around it to make sure you get all the milk out.


To extract more juice, you can add some more water to the chaff for the second method or pour back into the blender to blend again for the first method.

That’s it fellas!

Your coconut milk is ready to make some delicious dishes and drinks. 

Making coconut milk from home may require a bit of time but it’s totally worth every bit of your time. 

Do you like this?

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Content created and supplied by: Chris_B (via Opera News )



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