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If You Don't Want To Suffer From Bloating, Here Are 3 Foods You Should Avoid

Every food you eat on a daily basis has side effects which you need to be aware of so that you don't fall victim of any unforeseen hazards. 

There are some common foods you eat that causes bloating and should be avoided.

What is bloating?

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Bloating is discomfort situation when the stomach began to swell up. This swelling up would make you uncomfortable and affects your digestive system. 

There are three foods you should avoid if you don't want to experience bloating. 

1. Carbonate Drinks 

Carbonate drinks are the usual soft drinks that you know. They contains some artificial or natural flavoring which are regarded as sweeteners. Those sweeteners are the likes of high fructose and sugar.  

They also contains large quantity of carbon dioxide which is known to be a gas.  

Drinking such soft drinks would make you consume a lot of gas the would in turn get trapped in your digestive system and make you uncomfortable. This uncomfortable state of yours would lead to bloating.  

Recommendation: I will advise you to take pure wine instead of the carbonate drinks or Alcoholic drinks. Pure wine is healthy and has little quantity of alcohol and gasless. 

2. Beans. 

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Surprised to see beans? I know you may be surprised but it truly cause bloating. 

We know that beans is rich in Carbs and fiber which makes it proteinous but aside that, it has side effects. 

Most of the beans you eat contains sugars referred to as alpha-galactosides. These sugars came from a group of carbs known as Fermantable oligo di-mono-saccharides and polyols (FODMAPs). They are the short-chain carbohydrates that were not digested but became fermented by a bacteria called gut bacteria. This fermentation usually occurs in the colon and the end product is gas. 

If you are healthy, FODMAPs won't be a problem to you because they will only provide fuel for the beneficial bacteria. 

But if you have bowel syndrome, there is another gas type that will be formed during the fermentation process that will end up causing discomfort and bloating. 

Recommendations: I won't ask you to stop eating beans but what I will recommended is that you should ensure you soak the beans before cooking. When you soak the beans, make sure you don't use one water rather keep changing the water at some interval. When you soak it, you are reducing the level of FODMAPs in it. Therefore, avoid cooking and eating beans that you did not soak.

3. Garlic

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Garlic may be one of the most resourceful plant but despite its health benefits, it has its own side effects relating to boating. 

There is are fructans in garlic. These frutans are FODMAPs that causes bloating. 

Recommendations: If you must cook with garlic, You are advised to cook it so that its effects can be reduced. Alternatively you can use the likes of Thyme to cook instead of garlic to avoid bloating

That will be all for this article. If you you have Benefited anything from this article, please share.

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