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Carbonated Drinks

Discover 10 Useful Things Coca-Cola Can Do Around Your House

The sound we love to hear after taking a sip of a cold Coca-Cola. The beverage has been around since 1885, when Civil War veteran John Pemberton created coca wine (a beverage containing wine and cocaine) as a substitute for morphine. Today, the company is the worldwide leader in soda, and its red-and-white emblem is universally recognized. But while billions across the globe enjoy the carbonated soft drink with a meal, there are actually some incredible Coca-Cola uses for around the house that will help you tackle chores in the kitchen, laundry room, and even the garage.

Have a grease stain on your clothes? Coke can help! How about some rusty bolts that need to be loosened? Coca-Cola to the rescue! Have a pest problem in your garden? Surprisingly, your favorite beverage can help you get rid of them! These little-known Coca-Cola uses will have you rejoicing. Do you have any Coca-Cola hacks that you use around the house? Be sure to let us know on Facebook, and SHARE this with anyone who would love these household tips.

1. Remove Baked-on Grease

For you bakers, you know exactly how it feels when your favorite baking sheet starts to dull when the impossible-to-clean grease stains get baked on. Well, impossible-to-clean no more! Soak your baking sheet in a Coca-Cola bath overnight and the chemicals will help loosen some of those stains. You’ll need to do a little scrubbing, but that pan should begin to look like new once again.

2. Strip Rust From Bolts

Have some stubborn bolts that need to be loosened? Don’t go for pliers in the toolbox. Head to the fridge instead. The phosphoric acid in a can of Coke can remove the rust from metal. You’ll need to soak it for several hours, or even overnight, but the rust should easily scrub off with a brush after you’ve soaked it long enough.

3. Remove Grease Stains

Coca-Cola can cut through baked-on grease on your favorite cookie sheet, but it turns out that’s not the only place it fights grease. If your clothes have any grease stains, you can actually get rid of them with the bubbly soda. For the best results, apply lightly to a fresh grease stain and let it sit for a few minutes. According to MSN, if the spot discolors, that means it’s working. After a few minutes, just add to the wash and launder as usual in the warmest recommended water for the clothing article.

4. Get Rid of Slugs and Snails

While mostly harmless, having an infestation of slugs and snails can be a little annoying. If you need to thin out their population, consider putting out a shallow bowl filled with Coca-Cola. The sugar will attract the slimy critters and the acid will ultimately kill them. Slug problem no more!

5. Battery Corrosion

An old battery with corrosion can cause your car not to start, and it’s often hard to get rid of. However, our trusty Coca-Cola friend is here to save your car battery, and it’s much easier than other methods. Carefully pour some cola over the terminals, let them sit for several minutes, and then brush away with a toothbrush. Finish by rinsing the terminals with warm water to get rid of any leftover Coca-Cola.

6. Shining Coins

Have some old coins that you’d like to restore, but soap and water just aren’t cutting through the grime? Well, bring in the Coca-Cola and a bowl and dump your coins in. Let them sit overnight, drain the soda, and rinse with warm water. Those tarnished coins should look brand new.

7. Driveway Oil Stains

Just like grease stains on clothes, Coca-Cola can help you get rid of those unsightly oil stains on your driveway. Pour the soda over the stain and let it stand for several hours (or overnight). You’ll be able to wipe away most of the oil and then rinse away the rest.

8. Windshield Bugs

Just back from a road trip and your windshield looks like the insect version of the Saving Private Ryan opening sequence? Don’t go for the window cleaner. Instead, grab that can of Coca-Cola. If you have splattered bugs all over your windshield, pour Coke over the areas that need cleaning. Let it sit for a minute and then wipe away with a wet cloth. The Coke should loosen more of the remains than a standard window cleaner would.

NOTE: You should never allow the Coca-Cola to sit on your car for long, or on your paint. It can damage the paint job.

9. Composting

For the gardeners, Coca-Cola isn’t just beneficial in keeping some pests away. It can help supercharge your compost pile. The sugars in the drink will help attract microorganisms, and the acidity will help to break down organic matter.

10. Pain Neutralizer

Who doesn’t love getting outside in the summer for some fresh air? But with that comes the prospect of annoying insect bites — especially mosquitoes — or bee stings. Turns out, though, that our favorite carbonated beverage can offer some relief for itchy bites and stings. The phosphoric acid helps neutralize the bug’s saliva or venom and get rid of the itch.

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