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5 delicious soups to consider when eating 'swallow' foods

Whenever people want to eat swallow foods such as eba, amala, akpu and so on, they usually like to go for soups that are suitable to eat them. Many people prefer to eat their swallow foods with draw soups while others just want a soup that will be good to eat them. However, a good soup is important to eat swallow so as to enjoy the food properly.

Photo credit: All Nigerian recipes

Here are 5 suggestions of some Nigeria soups that can be considered when eating swallow food.

1. Egusi soup

This is a popular Nigerian soup that many people like to eat. It will always taste great no matter the way it is prepared, also it goes with many Nigeria foods. It is a good idea to consider this soup for swallow foods.

Photo credit: Demand Africa

2. Okra soup (ila alasepo)

Okra is also a delicious Nigeria soup that goes with all swallow foods. It does not require much stress to prepare this soup.

Photo credit: My active kitchen

3. Efo riro

This Nigerian soup is delicious and contains a lot of nutrients. Ugwu or green leaves can be used to prepare the soup.

Photo credit: Global food book

4. Ogbono soup

Ogbono also known as apon soup is a Nigerian draw soup that is very superb in taste. It is used in eating all Nigerian swallows.

Photo credit: Chef Lolas kitchen

5. Gbegiri soup

This is a soup that is prepared with beans. Many men love to eat this great soup. It does not require much money to prepare. It can be mixed with ewedu to make abula. It is good for eating amala and other Nigerian swallow foods.

Photo credit: Aliyah's recipes and tips

Do you know the soups? You can let us know soups that are used for eating swallow foods in your area through the comment section.

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