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Special Tiger Nut Drink Recipe You Should Try At Home During This Festive Season

Hello and welcome to Havanaa's Kitchen. Today i will be showing us how to prepare special tiger nut drink.

Tiger nuts are small root vegetables which are consumable without further processing. They are very milky and nutritious. Tiger nut drink is one of the mostly consumed drink because of its nutritional value. You will love this drink if you can prepare it at home especially during this festive season. To prepare it, follow the instructions below.


Tiger Nuts, Water, Coconuts, Dates or Dabino and Ginger


Step 1: If you bought the dry tiger nut, then you have to soak it in plenty water for a day. Keep it in the refrigerator during this period to prevent the nuts from fermenting. But if you have the freshly harvested nuts, all you need to do is to soak it in water for few hours then wash them thoroughly and sort out the bad ones.

Step 2: Pour the nuts into your blender, add enough but not too much water and blend to smooth. Remove the date seeds, brake and cut your coconut into pieces and blend it together with you tiger nut and ginger. You can use suger in place of dates.

Step 3: Use a chiffon cloth to sieve out the milk from the chaff. Make sure you press out all the milk, then put the dry chaff back in the blender, add more water and blend again. Use the chiffon cloth to sieve again. When you are done, pour the extracted milk into a container and allow it to get chilled in the refrigerator. Your tiger nut drink is ready and you can have it with any snack.

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