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How to use regular rice to make swallow

Some times you just get tired of the regular types of swallow consumed everyday and want something different, without going extra time and energy to achieve that.

You may forget to buy that swallow flour and you are already exhausted, but you have rice at home, then you need to follow these simple steps to make a very delicious swallow out of the home regular rice. I bet you will include ii in your swallow list next time.


1- Add water into you cooking Pot and put on fire.

2- Allow to boil

3- Wash your rice properly and put it into the boiling water.

4 - Allow the rice to over cook, when the rice is not over cooked it will not have enough starch to hold it together.

5- Allow water to drain totally, then use your swallow mixer to mix until the rice is well mashed and stick together.


When making rice swallow you must not per-boil the rice.

Secondly you must allow the rice to over cook to get the best out of it (good swallow)

Mix the overcooked rice only when there is no water in it to get your swallow if not you may just end up with an over cooked white rice not swallow.

In any case where the rice is well cooked but there is still water and maybe it's burning beneath, add alitle of corn flour and mix it will stick.

You can enjoy your rice swallow with okro soup, beans soup, vegetable soup even egushi soup.

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