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9 Fruits That Grow In Plateau State That May Not Grow In Other States

Every state in Nigeria is blessed with one thing or the other, Nigeria as a whole is blessed, Nigeria is of the biggest country in the continent, it comprises of people with great responsibilities.

There are different types of fruits, there are fruits that grow in many places, there are fruits that grow in all states just like banana, orange, pineapple, mango, I don't think there are places in Nigeria you will go to and don't see this unless the people living there don't feel like planting one, but once it's being planted, it will surely grow and bring forth fruits.

There are special fruits that grow particularly in Plateau state, I don't know if it's because of the state climate or it's just a gift cause their weather is cold and quite different from other states.

Plateau state slogan is home to peace and tourism, it's a state in Nigeria that is located in the north part of Nigeria. Plateau state is among the largest state in Nigeria. It's almost in the center of Nigeria, the state is extraordinary geographically and also blessed with fertile land that produces many foreign fruits that may not grow in other states in Nigeria.

let's see some of these fruits.


This particular one, I have never seen it grow in other places aside in plateau, it's a blue round fruit that is mostly used for wine production.

Straw berry

This one also is very much valuable in the human body, it doesn't grow anywhere aside from plateau state.


Apple is one of the most recognized and valued fruits around the world, you will never see an apple that is tasteless or bitter, the fruit is unique and very important for vitamin supply.



Passion fruit


Carrot is another fruit that can't grow in another state rather than in plateau, I don't even know how they plant it cause I know very well that it has no seed.

Black current


I don't even know 55% of these fruits, I think I need to relocate to Plateau state to have a taste of all.

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