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Side effects of garri consumption

Garri, commonly known as cassava flakes, is a granular, creamy-white flour. Cassava tubers are used to make this traditional West African dish. Because of its accessibility and affordability, garri is commonly consumed in Nigeria and many other West African countries.

Today, I will be giving you an insight on effects of consuming this food. First thing you should note is that soaking and drinking garri may not provide you with a well-balanced diet, so it is not recommended to drink garri on its own. Garri goes best with soups cooked with palm oil and vegetables.

Although, soaking garri has some advantages as it has consequences. According to garri nutrition facts, garri is a good source of fiber, which helps improve bowel emptying and helps to prevent stomach cancer, in addition to being a rich source of energy due to its carbohydrate content. The cyanide content of cassava, from which garri is made, is the principal side effect of garri ingestion. Cassava, which is known to contain hydrocyanic acid, is used to make garri. Despite the fact that the cyanide level of garri is greatly reduced through processing, it has been associated to eye problems, which is the primary disadvantage of garri use.

Garri offers numerous advantages because it boosts the energy of its consumers. Taking too much garri, on the other hand, might have major health and eyesight consequences.

There are some key benefits of Garri consumption

Gluten free: Due to the fact that the combination of nutrients found in this food does not contain protein, it makes it gluten free. This is unlike other grain food like wheat. Foods that contain gluten can be irritable, and in most cases, this can make the small intestine prone to damage.

Cancer prevention: In the course of writing this article, I stumbled across an experiment; B17 Vitamin and fibre in garri prompts the stimulation of red blood cells, and prevents cancer from affecting the stomach.

Cooling and energizing the body: Based on a little research I took on, I found that garri contains about 300-350 calories which makes up of 99% of carbohydrate. Soaking garri to enjoy as a meal provides a good amount of energy to the human body, hereby maintaining a good health. Enjoying garri this way also gives off a cool effect on your body system especially in hot weathers, I’m sure so many of us can testify to this.

Reduction of illness related to age: I read somewhere during my research that an average cup of garri contains 47% of the human body’s calcium requirement, as well as 15% of the body’s folate requirement. This helps to reduce age-related illnesses that come to set faster in our body.

Boosting the immune system: Garri contains minerals like copper and magnesium, these helps in keeping immune system healthy. The minerals play a vital role of contributing to the maintenance of healthy bones, nerves, and immune system.

Healthy digestion: Garri helps with the elimination of constipation, the fibre content in it also helps to make one filled up easily, and quick digestion too.

Notably, it is recommended that you buy your garri from reputable sources, and garri consumption should be kept at a good moderation.

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