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5 Ways To Be A Woman Who Never Runs Out Of Money

Hello guys, I think this is a very important topic that will definitely benefit you. When it comes to money, I like to think of it as "no one's friend", because it disappears before you know but that's only when you are not disciplined enough. So this is the reason I decided to share this with you. I personally hate staying without money so I hope you find these tips helpful.

1. Cook your own food

Some people say "life is short, therefore enjoy it" so they tend to spend all their money on food, but one thing I have realized each time I spend my money on food from restaurants, is that I can actually make food I can eat twice or thrice, with that money. Don't get me wrong; when I am super hungry and tired, I will definitely get some food from a restaurant! I am just saying that if you are used to ordering foods from restaurants everyday, then you might need to reconsider and calculate how much you spend in a month on those foods. Tell me what you got!

2. Do not Rush to buy

There are lot of things we would want to buy; there is always 'this new shoes, new bags, new dress I want'. If you want to check if you really need something, wait for 2 weeks and see if you can do without that thing.

3. Save and invest

Saving us an act that can save during the time of needs. 'Saving for the raining day' should be normalized and we can always invest. In finance, saving is an invested money

4. Be in control of your money

Always keep tracts if your money. Anytime you want to go out, do your shopping according to a budget and do not spend our of budget.

5 Having savings for fun

We see successful people going on vacation and having fun, they must have saved up for it and budgeted for it before they embark on their vacation. Save money for fun too and enjoy your self without having to depend on anyone

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