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8 Food You should not eat after it has expired

Due to the economy hardship, some people do not throw away foods that have expired because of the money to buy new one. By doing this, they try to eat it since there's no money for new or they're managing what they have. I can remember vividly when I was small, rat will eat some part of the baked bread and as a child will cut the part which the rat ate and eat the remaining, not until I grew up to know what I did can cause food poisoning. We should try all possible ways to preserve our foods from expiring, even if it expires , let's try and dispose them because eating them is poisoning ourselves. Check out these everyday food that we can not eat again after it has expired below.

1. Raw Milk (Cheese)

Raw milk dairy products like cheese, butter, cream and buttermilk carry a higher risk for food infections caused by bacterial contamination. This is explained by the fact that these dairy products have not been pasteurized or undergone any other heat treatment to kill harmful bacteria. Because harmful bacteria can still be present in raw milk products, bacterial contaminations such as Salmonella, VTEC, Listeria, E. Coli and Campylobacter are more likely to happen.

Considering the increased likelihood of contamination, these products should not be consumed after their expiry dates. Also, certain groups such as pregnant women, infants and young children, older adults and people with weakened immune systems are more susceptible to food infections and should therefore be extra careful.

2. Eggs 

Normally, you should never eat a rotten egg. There is, however, a simple trick to check whether an egg is still refreshing or not: drop it into a bowl of water and observe what happens. If it floats, this usually means you need to throw it away, and if it sinks you do not consume it again no matter what.

 3. Chicken

Chicken must be well cooked and properly stored to prevent any health issues. Chicken eaten after its expiration date could be contaminated by E. coli, bacteria which cause several diseases like gastroenteritis, meningitis, and urinary infections.

4. Strawberries 

strawberries are good only for 3 days.Then they become shriveled and quite soft, and it’s easy that they become a hotbed for bacteria. If you expose them to heat, they will last even less time.

5. Pre-made salads

The pre-made salads in the grocery store are tasty, so long as you eat them before their expiration date!

Given that they might have been increased near polluted water, they could be filled with germs that will have had sufficient time to multiply. Whatever the case, lettuce leaves quickly wilt and eventually become unappetizing. 

6. Ground beef.

Ground beef is an unpredictable meat, in both its preservation and preparation. Obviously, we all know it’s important to cook it well to prevent getting sick or poisoned. Expired ground beef is more likely to be infected by staphylococcus aureus or salmonella. The end result is you might get food poisoning. Ground meat carries a higher risk, simply because it is ground. The higher risk results from the fact that bacteria from the surface might be mixed throughout the meat. The thing with deli meat is that it is usually fresh-sliced which decreases the shel-life

 7. Fish

When buying and storing fresh fish it is important to avoid interrupting the cooling chain. This can be done by keeping your fish in a cool box or cooler bag to cover the time from the supermarket to the fridge at home. As fish is very susceptible to bacteria, it is important to eat it within 2 days of purchase. If you want to eat the fish later than that, you should put it in the freezer where it will last to up to 6 months.

8. Fresh Meat

Not only fresh meat, also ground meat and deli meat have a relatively short shelf life. Fresh meat is likely to be contaminated with bacteria like salmonella or E. coli and should hence be cooked at proper temperatures to kill all harmful bacteria.

Let's not try and be managing if our food has expired because apart from poisoning ourselves, we spend the money to be used to purchase new one to treat ourselves at the hospital. So therefore if any of the food above have expired in your home do not hesitate to dispose it off. I hope this article is informative enough.

Content created and supplied by: Motive_chris (via Opera News )

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