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6 delicious snacks your kids can take to school this term

Snacks has been in existence since a very long time ago, and it is usually eaten in-between meals. Sometimes, it can also serve as main meal but it depends on the type of snack. Delicious and healthy snacks are made with a nutritious ingredients that are good for consumption. 

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Many snacks may not be healthy to human health due to the ingredients they were made with. Such snacks when consume in a long run may lead to some ailments such as high blood sugar, however, it is important to consume snacks that are beneficial to humans. As this term is progressing, some healthy snacks can be incorporated into the kids meal plan. Let us check some of them below.

1. Tofu/beske/soy beans cake

This is a snack that is gotten from the soy beans plant. Soy beans is made into cake like shape. This snack is ideal for children.

2. Popcorn

Popcorn is a snack that is made with a special corn which pop up when heated. Many children like to eat popcorn because it taste great.

3. Plantain chips

Plantain chips can be made with ripe and unripe plantain. Both of them taste nice and does not have negative effect. Children always appreciate if it is gifted to them by parents.

4. Yamarita (isu dindin)

Fried yam has always been an afternoon snack since a long time ago. Both children and adults like to snack on it during lunchtime. It is sometimes eaten with seasoned grounded pepper or stew.

5. Donkwa

Donkwa is made with both grinded groundnut and corn. Anybody that have tasted this snack will want to ask for more because of its great taste perhaps that is why many children like to eat it.

6. Sweet potato chips

Do you know that you can also make chips from sweet potatoes? It is very delicious and taste great.Try it this weekend to have a bite.

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You can try to prepare some of this snacks for your kids this term, they will appreciate it. You can also contribute through the comment section. Do not forget to share, like and follow this page for more updates. Thanks for reading!


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