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Easy Method Of Making Bole, Pepper Sauce And Fish At Home

Bole is a roasted plantain commonly buy on the street. It a delicious Nigeria street food usually eaten with a pepper sauce. It can also act like a snack when you eat it with groundnuts. Even though, is a street food or snack you can also learn how to make it at home.

Ingredients for Bole and pepper sauce

Ripe or unripe plantain

Fresh habanero peppers.

2 medium onions

Red palm Oil

1 small stock cube

Iced fish

Salt to taste

Bole and pepper sauce Preparation:

Note: Before you roast the plantain prepare the pepper sauce first.

1. Wash and pound the onions and pepper with a mortar and pestle to a medium smoothness. (add enough pepper if you want your sauce hot).

2. At the point when the pepper and onions have medium perfection, move to a pot or bowl. 

3. Put you oil in a pot or griddle and warmth for 2 minutes, at that point somewhat empty the palm oil into the pot of crushed pepper and onions till you get the consistency you need. 

4. Add the stock 3D square and salt to taste and your pepper sauce is prepared. 

Note: You can warm the pepper sauce up after you should have add everything except for you have skip warming the oil part. 

5. Wash and strip the unripe/ready plantains you need to broil. 

6. Wash, cut and eliminate within the fish. At that point sprinkle salt on them. 

Pre - heat the broiler barbecue at 180ºC to 200oc until hot. 

7. Spot the stripped plantains and fish on the barbecue rack and move into the hot stove and diminish the temperature to 150°. 

8. Turn the plantains and fish throughout every now and then, with the goal that different sides can broil equally. (Contingent upon how ready the plantains are, this cycle can take around 15 to 30 minutes however the fish will take 5 to 10 minutes. ) 

9. When the sides are appropriately cooked, the bole is prepared. 

10. Present with the pepper sauce and chilled drink. 

Content created and supplied by: Foodmethods (via Opera News )

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