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How To Make A Low Cost Cake

Cake is a snack loved by many, except those who have serious health issues like obesity diabetes or hypertension.

Baking a cake shouldn't be something you'd spend your life savings on, you could bake a cake out of a thousand naira, that doesn't mean your cake is substandard, or not rich in ingredients.

Baking a cake also should not only be when you have a function to attend, you could bake a cake at home, during the weekend for yourself and your family, infact cake can be served along with tea as lunch or dinner

When in search for something light for breakfast or supper home-made cakes could be your substitute instead of the usual bread and butter, or yam and egg, make something out of flour for your family, it could be cake, puff- puff, buns or even pancake, for a change of diet, and the astonishing thing is that you can't eat all the cake you bake at a goal

Today its gonna be how to bake a cake out of a low budget

Ingredients /Instruments for your low cost cake includes

Baking pan- to bake your cake in

Oven- to bake your cake with

Turning stick-to mix your ingredients

Flour - for this we would be using 5cups of flour

Sugar- 2cups

Butter - any brand suitable for baking

Baking powder -3 table spoon

Flavor - vanilla

Flavor powdered - milk flavor

Eggs- depending on how fluffy you want your cake to be, am not a fluffy fan though, so 6 eggs should be enough depending on your desires

Milk- powdered milk, not compulsory though, the milk flavor can be a substitute

Fruits- nit compulsory

That's all for your ingredients, the items listed isn't up to a thousand naira

Step 1 - Pour your flour into a clean dry bowl

and also your sugar, and set aside

Step 2 - in another bowl, pour your butter, but not all your butter though, because you need some for your baking pan later, add your sugar to the butter, and mix continuously with a turning stick, stir repeatedly until the texture of the mixture turns lighter (you would notice that the mixture looks less thick and has changed it colour from yellow to a bit of white) set aside

Step 3- After you have stirred your butter and sugar to get a lighter texture, break your eggs in a bowl, you only need the egg white/albumen of the egg, the yolk is not needed, you could boil that for consumption

Step 4- Add your baking powder at least three teaspoons,( depending on how many cups of flours to be used) into your egg and mix, (you would notice your mixture has risen, baking powder is necessary and needed to allow your flour rise), whisk your egg mixture for 30seconds

Step 5 -Add your egg mixture into your butter and sugar mixture, (you would notice the butter sugar mixture would form bumps) mix continuously until it forms back into its fluffy texture, but now more lighter

Step 6- add your powdered milk flavor/milk (if its powdered milk, you need to pour it into a small content of water before adding it to the mixture) stir for a while and add your vanilla flavor too, and mix, if you love fruits, you could add them to your mixture (you could set some milk aside)

Step 7- Add your flour, little by little, pour your remaining milk to soften the mixture if it becomes add,stir continuously, until it forms a stretchy mixture, set aside

Step 8- rub your baking pan with butter to prevent the cake from getting burnt, pour your mixture into the baking pan

Step 9 - there are different methods to bake cakes, you could use the pot method or oven

The Pot Method

Step 1 - Get sand from around your neighborhood, wash the sand thoroughly with water, you could dry it under the sun or pour it into your pot, and cook at a low temperature until it gets dried

Step 2- then you would place your baking pan into the pot and cover up with a neat newspaper or white paper to prevent air,then cover your pot with its lid, remember your cake needs a low temperature to prevent it from burning

The Oven Method

Step 1 - Place your baking pan into your oven

Step 2 - Set a timer, it could be 25minutes( don't worry 25minutes is not enough to bake your cake, but you can keep setting a new timer after one is over)

This is what I got below, trying the home -made low cost method for personal consumption

If this was help kindly like, share and comment thanks

Content created and supplied by: Temmydebbyie (via Opera News )



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