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6 Foods/drinks you should never consume on an empty stomach.

There are certain foods you should not eat on an empty stomach due to the side effects. When we eat spicy and acidic foods it can irritate our stomach linings thereby causing stomach pains. Before eating any food you need to know the composition and side effects.

Below are 6 foods you should never take on an empty stomach.

1. Spicy Foods.

Eating spicy foods on an empty stomach is not advisable because they can irritate your stomach lining. The irritation leads to indigestion and cramp thereby making you uncomfortable.

2. Sugary foods or drinks

Whenever you wake up try not to consume sugary foods or drinks because it gives your pancreas and liver extra load. If you feel like drinking anything, consume natural drinks like green tea and soy milk.

3. Aerated drinks.

Aerated or carbonated drinks are not healthy for you because they contain acids. Whenever you consume carbonated drinks on an empty stomach, it can cause stomach pains, nausea and gas. Instead of drinking carbonated drinks, you can consume a glass of water.

4. Cold beverages

Consuming beverages is not bad but when you take cold beverages there tends to be a problem. When you drink cold beverages on an empty stomach it tends to make digestion difficult. Try to make your beverages warm for a faster metabolic rate.

5. Citrus fruits

Fruits are generally good but there are some you shouldn't eat immediately you wake up. It is not advisable to eat citrus fruits on an empty stomach because it increases the amount of acid produced. Too much acid in your stomach can cause abdominal pains and cramps.

6. Coffee

Coffee contains an high amount of caffeine which acts as a stimulant. Consuming coffee on an empty stomach increases the acidity level of your stomach. An increased acidity can lead to abdominal pains and gastritis in some people.

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