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5 important foods that can be gotten from beans

Beans is a Nigerian staple food which is commonly eaten in many homes. But it is surprising that many people do not like beans despite its nutritive value.

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 This attribute is common in children but many adults did not find the meal delicious too. The good news is that beans can be made into other desired foods. This article will show you some foods that can be gotten from beans which may be preferred to beans.

1. Akara

Akara is also known as beans cake. It is gotten from beans and taste more delicious since it will be fried. Akara can be eating with pap, bread or ordinarily.

2. Moinmoin

This is called bean pudding. Many children prefer this delicious meal to ordinary beans.

3. White beans pudding

It is also called 'ekuru' in Yoruba language. It is like white moinmoin, which is usually eaten with stew.

4. Gbegiri soup

This is a Yoruba soup that taste so nice. It is highly delicious, so it is recommended for those that find it hard to eat beans.

5. Agonyin beans

For those that does not like beans, this standard method of cooking beans is highly delicious. 

Try as much as possible to feed on any beans recipe in the absence of ordinary beans. Thanks for reading!

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Content created and supplied by: Endowedprincess (via Opera News )

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