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Steps On How You Can Make Your Ultra - Fluffy Cake With Concentrated Milk And Nutmeg

For those who likes to eat cake but find it difficult to make or prepare it by themselves, here is a step by step to guide you on how you can make your sweet cake at home with few ingredients.

The ingredients required to these homemade cake includes:

1: 250g cake flour

2: 2 tablespoons of sweet concentrated milk

3: ½ shredded nutmeg

4: 100g of sugar

5: 150g sweet butter

6: 50cl of liquid milk

7: 6 eggs

8: 2 bags of vanilla sugar

9: ½ sachet of chemical yeast , this is because yeast c is already included in the cake flour, otherwise it 1 1-5 sachet will be required.

10: Bowl

Now, let proceed to the steps of preparation;

1: Mix butter, sugar and vanilla in a bowl

2: Add your eggs yolks and milk

3: Add flour to the mixed sugar,vanilla, milk,egg yolks and butter

4: Then add the milk plus the your 2 teaspoons of sweet concentrated milk plus your ½ shredded nutmeg and mix well altogether

5: Then add the snowy egg white

6: At the end of the preparation, add the chemical yeast and mix well

7: Pour the mixture into a butter mold and lay in the oven at 180c for 35 minutes.

After that you will observe when its done to serve.

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