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Check Out the English Name of the Popular Nigeria Drink "ZOBO"

A popular and affordable tasty (sour taste) drink used as light refreshment in homes outings, ceremonies etc

It is made from dried Roselle plant flowers, but virtually everyone knows it as "Zobo"

"Zobo" is the word in the Hausa language used to describe he edible plant Hibiscus sabdariffa, and a drink it is used to make.

The drink is known as Roselle drink in English

Roselle also reffered to as Hibiscus sabdariffa is a species of Hibiscus predominantly found in West and Eastern part of Africa and South-East Asia including Northeastern India.

It is prepared by boiling the dried leaves Roselle drink is best served chill, pineapple and other fruit can be added to give it nice flavour

Beside the refreshing taste we get from drinking Zobo, research done by nutritionists reveals the drink has lots of health benefits, some of which includes regulation of blood pressure, reduction of cholesterol levels, assists in weight loss and has also been found to increase s€x drive and lots more.

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