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Home Remedy For Weight Gain

If you want to gain weight then this write up is for you ,it is very effective Within one week Ingredient;

2) 1 large banana

3)2 spoonfull of milk

4) 1 spoon of butter

5) water


1) in a clean blender , put your Millet

2) add a little water in the Millet so it won't stick to the blender

3) filter the already blended Millet and keep the juice aside .

4) in an empty blender, add your banana

5) add your milk , butter and add water

6) take the Millet juice that was set aside and put into the blender

7) blend all together

8) in a clean cup,pour the drink .

This drink is very very effective, you will see effective results within one week

Drink it in between meals and at night before going to bed .

Eat good food so it will work well

Do this and thank me later

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