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How To Prepare Vegetable Porridge Beans

Vegetable porridge beans is very delicious, it's also a Nutrition food


4 servings

2 cups Beans

Palm oil

Vegetable of your choice


Dry fish

Diced promo (cow skin)

Enough onions

Bell pepper

Ginger powder




1. First of first separate your beans from stones.

2. Place your pot on medium heat add water to the beans cover for 5 minutes after that remove it from heat sieve it the water. Now let cook our vegetable porridge beans.

3. Place your pot on heat add water and sliced onions cover for 5minutes after that add your boil beans add water as it requires till the beans tender.

4. Add crayfish,dry fish,pepper, ginger powder, promo(cow skin)and add your palm oil add salt to taste use your Turner to mix everything together after cooking for 4 Add your vegetable of your but I love to add ugu leaf let your vegetable after 1 minutes.

5. Your vegetable porridge beans is ready. You can enjoy it with bread,pap,plantain

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