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Checkout how to cook native rice with ripe plantain

This gay cook red oil rice together with ripe plantain, just like any other Nigerian rice recipes, the native jollof rice can also be made in different ways, depending on where you come from and even individual preferences.


1. 3 cups long-grain rice

2. Pepper 4

3. Palm oil

4. 1 medium onions

5. Smoked fish/ dried fish

6. 2 tablespoons locust beans

7. Scented leaves

8. Water

9. Seasoning cubes

10. Salt to taste


1. Wash and parboil your rice then fry your palm oil with onion 

2. Add your parboil rice then add water to it turn it and allow it to steam

3. Add your dry fish, seasoning powder/cubes, salt to taste, pepper, crayfish, and ginger

4. Add your ripe maintain and allow it to boil till it done once the water is dry 

5. Add your fresh pumpkin.

6. The dish and garnish it with onion or your own choice.

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