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7 Delicious Nigerian Delicacies That Keep Your Weight In Check

We always want to keep our weight in check, at the same time we want to have the pleasure of consuming delicious meals in whatever quantity we desire.

Truth be told, we can't eat our cake and save it, we would gain weight when we yeild to our desires of eating how we like, however, there are exceptions to every rule.

There are some Nigerian delicacies, that are delicious and of course less fattening, on the other hand, they help us burn fat,keep our weight in check and of course,most importantly allow us to consume them the way we want to. Lucky us, right? Lol

Alright, here are the delicacies with pictures, enjoy your view and make these healthy food your regular meals.

1. Unripe Plantain and Chicken Pepper Soup

Pepper soup contains fat burning contents. The meat used in Preparing it should either be goat meat, Chicken or fish to make it healthy.

Plantain as we all know has a lot of health benefits and making someone add weight is not one of it's duties.

2 Chiken Sauce with Basmati Rice.

Basmatic rice is s special kind of long grain rice that is of great health benefit to elderly, hypertensives and diabetics because of it's low starch content.

Chicken sauce is made up of vegetables (carrot, green peas, green pepper e.t.c) that are safe to eat and not make us gain weight.

These two are bad cholesterol free,and is deliciously healthy.

3. Okro Pepper Soup(made with goat meat, chicken or fish) and Amala or Agidi

Okro is a vegetable, the soup made from okro is delicious . We can make this soup in a Pepper soup format, using pepper soup spices, so delicious.

Amala is plantain floor, and we all know, has no weight adding attributes.

4. Goat Meat Pepper Soup and Agidi

We have talked about the Pepper soup. Dieticians advise us to use goat meat as the make up is more healthy than cow meat. We could also use chicken or fish here.

Agidi is made from whole grains, very healthy and not fattening.

5.vegetable soup(made with goat meat, chicken or fish) and Amala

Though the vegetable soup will be made with red oil which has fat, the amala and contents of the vegetables itself will cover up.

And yes, you can use Olive oil to substitute the red oil, it won't be colourful but it would taste really delicious.

6. Moi-moi and Quaker oats

Once the skin of the beans seed is pulled off, a beans meal ( moi-moi) made with olive oil, fish and vegetables can be enjoyed without fear of adding weight. Aside the less fattening Ingredients, moi- moi is satisfying, you don't need to eat much to be full, this also keeps the quantity of meals you eat in check.

Quaker oat, though a semi- Nigerian delicacy, is highly consumed, it is also very satisfying when eaten in small quantity and of course less fattening.

7.Fried basmati Rice and chiken or Fish

We have previously talked on the basmatic rice, and fried rice is made from vegetables, these keep your weight in check.

We know that Fish, Chicken or goat meat is what health experts advise us to eat as stated earlier,this is because they have the ability to break down into healthy components in our bodies, not like cow meat that would break down into fat.

Do well to share this article, so others can learn, and if you have any contribution kindly do so in the comment section below. Thanks

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