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Avoid cooking beans with these 2 ingredients, they destroys the liver

Beans is a food rich in protein which is eaten by the young and old and it's far very known at this part of the world. It is quite medicinal to the body. The manner of cooking beans takes pretty a long term which made Nigerians to begin seeking out a extra simpler method, but most people do not understand that that this method could be harming their body slowly due to scientific research.

Its very easy not to be a victim of the consequence of cooking beans with the ingredients, you just need to be patient while cooking your beans and comply with the normal method of cooking beans, however you could search for a extra less difficult method of cooking beans that is not harmful to the body. Some of the things utilized by Nigerians to prepare beans quicker is Potash and Paracetamol.

Potash and Paracetamol is usually utilized by many Nigerians to cook their beans. However, it is very risky to the body because it damages the liver, that is one of the main organs within the body. Without the liver, our body won't neutralise the effect of salt taken in. 

Potash and Paracetamol are poisonous chemical substances, while they're been used for cooking that adversely influences the liver of a human being. This is why we ought to forestall it all cost. This kind of method of cooking hurriedly lead to loss of lives, par adventure you wanted to cook very fast you can use pressure pot in cooking your beans, which will be done within 30 minutes.

Instead of risking your life through adding Potash and Paracetamol in your meals, onions can make your beans to cook fast and it's also very healthy.

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