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Crunchy peanut recipe

Peanut is a delicacy enjoyed by all especially me and the best part is that its so easy to make and doesn't need much ingredients and there cheap to make. Peanut can also be able to serve as an appetizer for your visitors before the main meal

So let's talk of our ingredients

1. A cup of flour

2.Half a cup of sugar

3. Raw groundnuts

4. 3 eggs

5. Dano or any other milk powder

6. Vegetable oil

Some people like using other ingredients for more flavour, but to me i use the one mentioned above because it is cheap and you get that peanut taste.

So let's talk of the recipe

1. Select your raw groundnuts, raw groundnuts can contain sand and other dirts so selecting them is to get a clean raw groundnuts.

2. When you are done with the selecting of your raw groundnuts you break you eggs without mixing and add your sugar and milk ,and mix it till its foamy

3. Set your flour aside because by then you should have sifted it. Because that's what you will use to coat the raw groundnuts

4.You put your raw groundnuts in a bowl ad ur egg sugar mix and turn it in a circular motion clockwise to be exact. When the egg has touched everywhere of your groundnuts you add the flour and keep on turning it in a circular motion., because the egg is like the sticking ingredients so for it to have taste you add the sugar and milk . Repeat the process for like 5 times or till the groundnuts is looking coated and big to get the crunchiness

6. On your gas and put in you vegetable oil in a pan and set it on the fire

7. When the oil is hot you add your well coated groundnuts in the oil and leave it to get done but you will still be stirring it . So that it won't done and just like that you are done

8. Set aside to cool and you are done store it in an air tight container and your done

When visitors come you can give them as snacks or you can use it as snacks and it will last you for like 2 weeks depending on the way you eat it 😉😉😉

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Thanks 😊

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