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Carbonated Drinks

Why you should cut down on your soda

Soda is bad for human health due to the amount of sugar that it contains. soda take a great role in weight gain, tooth decay, and tooth loss. when you consume a lot of sugar you can gain a lot of weight, daily intake of soda can cause obesity or overweight which can lead to type 2 diabetes. and you can get excessive belly and body fat.

Soda also causes high blood pressure and increases your cholesterol levels. Daily intake of soda can also cause heart failure, stroke, unnecessary eating habits, and poor gum health. 

Let's look at the dangers of soda

The caramel coloring used in some sodas is made from ammonia. and ammonia has been proven to cause cancer. Soda contains brominated vegetable oil also known as BVO. 

Brominated vegetable oil has been linked to infertility and early puberty. which is why BVO has been banned in some countries like China and Japan. BVO is also shown to be a cause of memory loss and dehydration. The caffeine in many sodas has a diuretic effect on the human body which makes you more dehydrated than actually making you hydrated. 

So why not cut down on your soda today and take more water.

Content created and supplied by: Dr.Ayo (via Opera News )


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