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Two African Delicacies You Can Prepare With Oha Leaf

Oha Leaves are pretty common in almost all parts of Nigeria and the soup you prepare with this vegetable is one of the most nutritious and tasty soup in the country. Aside from the intense taste it brings, Oha Leaf are also highly nutritious.

They contain anti-oxidants that help in promoting eye sight and like many other vegetables we consume, they also possess the ability to restore and add to our red blood cells. They can also help in the prevention of cancer and other terminal diseases. In this article, I will he giving you three meals you can use Oha leaves to prepare.

1. Oha Soup

This kind of soup are special in a certain kind way. After the addition of different of ingredients and your Cocoyam, you add the Oha leave as your vegetable.

2. Egusi with Oha leaves

This is pretty rare but it is actually a thing, it involves the addition of Oha to Egusi soup instead of the normal Ugwu leaves.

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